Taylor Your Career

9 07 2013

What one thing are employers seeking that job seekers often ignore? Qualifications! This may see perfectly clear here, but how many times have you researched the duties listed in the job posting thinking “I can do that,” giving no heed to the requisite qualifications?

Your resume has to be tailored! You absolutely must incorporate your skills, experience, and education listed in the qualifications section of the job posting into your résumé.

How do you tailor? I suggest using the summary paragraph to incorporate the key skills listed under qualifications. Lets face it, rewriting the entire résumé could possibly make you more competitive, but might not be practical.

We each have time constraints, so we need to find a way to put our best foot forward as innovatively and effectively as possible.

The summary paragraph provides the perfect venue for incorporating key words/ qualifications into your résumé. Why not give it a try? It might just be what the employer is seeking!




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