Are you eligible to apply for that federal job?

8 04 2014

What does it mean to be eligible to apply for a federal job?  Many people think that because a vacancy is posted, they can apply for it, but that is not the case.  The very first item to check out in a federal vacancy announcement is the Area of Consideration.  Karol’s rule of thumb:  if you do not understand the words used to describe that section, there is an excellent chance that you are not eligible to apply.  If you do not meet the Area of Consideration criteria, your application package will be discarded through a preprogrammed electronic screening process.

Everyone knows what U.S. Citizen or The Public means, but most people do not know the other acronyms used under Area of Consideration.  Individuals familiar with the acronym have already received notification about their eligibility.  If the acronyms VEOA, CTAP, ICTAP, etc. mean nothing to you, move on.  The folks they apply to have been made aware.  Sometimes the Area of Consideration is for an office component, sometimes only for people working in a Department.  Again, there is no reason to put effort into applying for such a position, your application package will not be considered.

Determining your eligibility to apply for a federal is your first step toward keeping your spirits up while completing your federal job search. Many people think the federal job search is a black hole that sucks your application package into seemingly nothingness.  It’s not.  You just need to be aware of and to practice the basics.  Soon you’ll be applying only for jobs for which you are eligible.




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