First the Content, then the Learning

4 08 2014

The content for my Federal Job Fit course is up; posting it in a way that made the information compelling was a bit of a challenge, but do-able.  Now the deep analysis begins: What do I want participants to learn and how do I want them to learn it?  What is enough and what is too much?  I love facts, but many people don’t.  How do I balance facts and abstractions?

I am using HaikuLMS as my platform.  Learning it was time consuming, but not as difficult as I feared.  I still have a way to go until I thoroughly understand the system, but I am making progress.

Now I must create reasonable assignments and discussions that enhance learning, and take about two hours per week to complete.  I am told that’s what a working professional can handle.  It’s a reasonable expectation, but harder than I imagined.

Taking on a new challenge typically includes a learning curve.  Learning theory indicates that adults aren’t comfortable with the ambiguity it takes to master a new skill, and in my case, they are right.  Even so the challenge feels somewhat delicious, and for each small success I get a warm, fuzzy feeling.

From content to assignments to learning.  I imagine my students will feel the same about learning the content as I do about learning the system.  I intend to remember this feeling.  I am looking forward to assisting others through their learning curve and to remembering how it feels to take on a new, yet compelling challenge!




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