Resume Review – a reminder

10 10 2014

Anne’s advice is as always — targeted and practical. Thanks for reminding us about our wonderful job search resource!

Anne Headley's Blog

As the fall job search season gets underway, I know you are re-thinking your interview outfit.  Switching from linen to wool, light colors to darker, is part of your challenge.

Another challenge is to make sure your resume is as current as can be.  If you have not seriously updated your new elements  document in a few years, this neglect will be obvious to all who read it.

What to do?  Get some help!  You really need such elements as hyperlinks and evidence of your involvement in social media (your choice which venue to use).

And please allow me to propose (humbly) that you check out my e-publication, Reflections on Resumes: Taking a Second Look. You can learn about little tips and tricks that will give you the confidence that you are as current as can be,  and that you are displaying your accomplishments to best advantage.  You can be reading this…

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Phone Interviewing…Can You Hear Me NOW?!

10 10 2014


Phone Interviewing…Can You Hear Me NOW?!  Great ideas on telephone interviewing from career guru, Barry Davis.

Smash the Mask

10 10 2014

I have long admired your unique way with words, Janet. There is something extremely special about the way you pull them together into wonderfully descriptive ideas. I’m looking forward to following your Geezer Goddess journey.

Donald Neale Walsh nailed it when he said: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

Writing is my game yet comfort is my name. Time to stop focusing on the safe and tried and true, and get risky with my words.

The problem? I don’t even know what that would look like. What does a risky word have that a safe word doesn’t have? Whiskers? More than 2 eyes? Green ear lobes? A stretchy grin that covers yellow teeth?

But, here I am in my 60’s – gulp – and I would like to break out of my rut. Travel? Maybe. More time with friends? Perhaps. A different exercise program? I am considering it. What I really really want to do is to take risks with my writing. Put my writing out there. Put myself out there. Get out of my way.


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Paying Attention

9 10 2014

I just listened to +Denise Wakeman’s Google+ hangout on blogging like a pro led by guest speaker and Social Networking Strategist, +Rebekah Radice.  It was interesting and inspiring.  So here I am brushing the cobwebs off my much neglected blog.  As anyone who follows me here knows, not only am I not blogging like a pro, I’m not blogging.

Some of my concerns: Where does the motivation come from?  How do I get myself to follow a regular blogging schedule?  How do I get myself to take blogging seriously?

My most recent contract as a federal career counselor ended last Tuesday.  Now I have more time to pay attention to blogging.  Which brings me to the actual point of this blog.  Where am I focusing my attention, and is it the right place for me?

We each know we do the things we pay attention to.  If I want to get something done I focus and put great effort into it.  That’s what I did with my contract.  But it’s time to move on to the next phase of my career.  Will blogging enhance it?  I sincerely believe it will and am committing to making it work.

I’m back and plan to stay on track.  Thanks, Denise Wakeman and Rebekah Radice for being the driving force for motivating me to pay attention.

Questions You Need to Ask at an Interview

9 10 2014

Great ideas for questions to ask at an interview. Be sure to go with no fewer than three questions, but you absolutely must not ask a question where the answer has already been given, even if it is on your list.

Words of Wisdom from the Career Development Interns

You just made it through an interview with the company you really want to work for. You breathe a sigh of relief and try to discreetly wipe the sweat off your hands so that you can give a final handshake. But before you do so, the employer turns to you and asks with a smile, “Do you have any questions for me about the company or the position?”

You freeze, and your mind completely goes blank. You don’t want to ask questions that could be easily answered by looking at the website, because then that shows you came unprepared. However, you don’t want to leave without asking ANY questions, because then that shows you’re uninterested or unconfident. What should you do in this situation?

Not to worry. As you prepare for the interview, here is a list of seven appropriate questions to use as reference and tuck away into your…

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Five Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Business

9 10 2014

Some great ideas on marketing your business


(Family Features) Just like any good sports team, every business needs a good coach. Marketing consultant John Jantsch, bestselling author of “Duct Tape Marketing” and “The Referral Engine,” has some low-cost ideas that will help you create a strong message and communicate it to the right people.

  • Keep Score – If you want to determine who your ideal client is, go through your entire client list and rank your clients by profitability. Then look at your most profitable clients and identify those that are already referring business to you. Figure out the common characteristics in this group and you’ve got a pretty good picture of your ideal client.
  • Find Your Zone – Once you’ve identified who you’re marketing to, you need to fine tune your message. Ask how you’re really different from your competitors, Jantsch advises. The best way to find out is to ask your…

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