Grateful to be invited to Guest Blog for Careers in Government

19 11 2014

This time each year we in the U.S. pause to consider our blessings, and to remind ourselves to be grateful for the love and good will that surrounds us.   One group worth receiving our favor is Veterans.  Thanks to them, the U.S. way of life is honored, treasured, and preserved.  Because of their sacrifice, certain benefits come their way, one of which is Veteran’s preference in federal hiring.  Veteran’s Preference is one way our “thank you” has real meaning.

Since Veteran’s Day is honored in November, this seems like a good time to focus on Veteran’s Preference in federal hiring.  I have been asked to serve as a guest blogger for Careers in Government, the oldest and largest, award-winning site for finding jobs in government, education and other public sector agencies.  Please read my posting and leave a comment. Thanks!!

Here is the link:

and here is the link to my bio:

Next Thursday, when we pause to give thanks, let’s make sure to be grateful for our Veterans.




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